How Should You Handle Objections On A Sales Page?

One of the biggest fears of any sales person, or anybody trying to influence anybody, for that matter, is objections.

You give a good pitch, and then they say they want to shop around. If you haven’t salepage prepared for this, it can be devastating.

You walk up to that cute girl and ask for her number, and she says she never gives out her number to strangers. If you haven’t practiced a response to this, you’ll be blown out.

You tell your kid to do their homework before they watch TV, and they mention that you let their sister watch TV yesterday before doing her homework. You’re at a loss.

Most people, under most situations, can only come up with a, “Yes, um, well… ” and that’s that.

Just like anything else in life, the more you prepare for objections, the better you can handle them. If you are in any kind of face to face sales, this is easy. It won’t take long for you to realize that the same objections keep coming up over and over again. Pretty soon you’ll get better and better at overcoming them.

But what about a sales page? How in the world do you overcome them in print? It’s not like somebody’s going to email you and tell you why they don’t want to buy your product.

The trick is to figure out the objections before they come up. This will take some creative thought, and some testing, and a bit of creative writing.

Let’s say you sell shoes. You’ve got plenty of competitors. Your shoes are a bit more expensive than everybody else, but they are of much higher quality and last twice as long, for only ten percent more price.

You do some brainstorming, and come up with the following objection:

I’d like to shop around.

These can easily be handled with a written sales page. The good news is that they can be handled the same way you’d handle them in a face to face meeting. You just defuse them before they come up. This is easy when you have experience, and you know they’re coming.

How do you do this?

About halfway through your sales letter, say something like this:

Now, some people feel the need to shop around. They see our shoes, and realize they are great shoes, and will last a long time. But then they hear a voice in their heads saying that “hmm, maybe I can get a better deal somewhere else.” I totally understand. That’s precisely why we’ve priced our shoes to beat all of our competitors. We’ve done so much research so you don’t have to. When you combine our quality and how long our shoes, last, we are clearly the best ones around. In fact, that’s what many of our customers said after trying our competition. They said they’ll never shop around again.

If you put this in before they think about shopping around, it will do a good job of defusing it. The trick is to place this before the thought actually comes up in your readers’ minds. This is where testing comes in.

Just change the wording around slightly, and put it in different places in your letter. Leave it where it gives you the highest conversions.

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